Nua Dair

The wines of Nua Dair, which means “New Oak,” are available exclusively at its tasting room on Willow Creek Road in Ione. Tasting is complimentary, and the winery offers a wide range of varietals, including sauvignon blanc, barbera, syrah and zinfandel, as well as a delicious Cal-Italia blend of sangiovese and cabernet sauvignon called Banais. Often, winemaker Mark McMaster is present to answer questions about the wines and winery.

Address:13825 Willow Creek Road (Off the Jackson Highway)
Ione CA 95649
Hours:Temporarily Closed due to Wildfire. Will reopen at a later date.
Open Friday through Sunday 10:30am to 5:30pm. Call for weekdays.
Contact:tel: 209-245-5567