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Smoke Influence Resources

The AVA Technical Committee has complied various resources and information to help members address potential smoke influence from recent wildfires. See below for important resources:

1. Testing

Available labs:

2. Production

  • Post Harvest
    • Potential Mitigation of Smoke Taint in Wines by Post-Harvest Ozone Treatment of Grapes (Article, March 2021)
    • Techniques for Mitigating the Effects of Smoke Taint While Maintaining Quality in Wine Production: A Review (Article, March 2021)
    • Remediation of smoke-affected wine by dilution (AWRI Fact Sheet, Spring 2020)
    • Treating smoke-affected wine with activated carbon (AWRI Fact Sheet)
    • VinSci SRX (Podcast Interview with Jeff Murrell, Mar 2021)

3. General Smoke Exposure Information



COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Restaurants, Bars & Wineries (CDPH & CalOSHA)

Amador County Press Release_Additional Sector Guidance_06_05_20 (PDF)

Amador County Reopening Business Checklist (PDF)



Amador Wine Country COVID Stage 3 Prevention Plan (DOC)

Amador County Prevention Plan


These presentation have been compiled based on information from the CDC. They include information that all employees will need to be trained in to maintain their own health and safety, as well as that of the guests.

Module #1: About COVID-19 (PPT)

Module #1: About COVID-19 (PDF)

Module #2: Protecting Yourself & Others (PPT)

Module #2: Protecting Yourself & Others (PDF)

Module #3: How to Clean & Disinfect (PPT)

Module #3: How to Clean & Disinfect (PDF)

Module #4: Self Screening For COVID-19 (PPT)

Module #4: Self Screening For COVID-19 (PDF)

Module #5: COVID Related Employee Benefits (PPT)

Module #5: COVID Related Employee Benefits (PDF)

Module #6: Amador County Wine Tasting Room Guidance Protocol (PPT)



We Are Practicing Physical Distancing -_Amador Wine Country (PDF)

Protect Yourself & Others – Amador County Health Dept (PDF)

Stop the Spread of Germs -_CDC (PDF)

Social Distancing – Amador County Health Dept (PDF)

Handwashing – Amador County Health Dept (PDF)

Welcome 6 Ft – Amador Wine Country (PDF)

Tasting By Appt – Amador Wine Country (PDF)

Thank You For Visiting- Amador Wine Country (PDF)

Welcome Physical Distancing – Amador Wine Country (PDF)

Keep Safe List – Amador Wine Country (PDF)



  • Sample Employee Questionnaire 
  • Sample Infectious and Communicable Disease Policy
  • Sample Liability Waiver
  • Sample Privacy Notice