Laughter Yoga at Bray Vineyards

Laughter Yoga at Bray Vineyards

Saturday, July, 20th
10 am to 11 am

Laughter Yoga in the Vineyards

Join us for a fun, physical, emotional and social “exercise” through laughter. Easy-to-learn, intentional laughter sparks the real thing; layer on yogic, deep-breathing techniques, and BAM! The next thing you know, you are strengthening immune functions, oxygenating your body and brain, and fostering positive feelings. No body contortions or impossible stretches here folks; and no jokes required, either. Coach Christine of the Amador Laughter Yoga Club will move us through the Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha’s. Space is limited.

Cost: $15 per person/session ($5 for Bray Wine Club Members)

To make your reservation, visit our website or phone 209.245.6023.

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